A Luxurious Stay At Sybaris Pool Suites

We have stayed in a lot of hotels. A lot. Huge, presidential suites, lovely boutique rooms, charming bed and breakfast locations, ultra-modern and sleek – but we have never experienced anything quite like our room at the Sybaris Pool Suites in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Staying at this unusual, fabulous, luxury hotel was actually just an accident as I was looking for a hotel to work with us during a stay in the city for a travel conference. When I stumbled on the Sybaris site and saw they had pools in their rooms, I was a goner.

Yes, that’s was I said.

Pools in the rooms.

I have been a water baby all my life. My mom was born and raised in Pensacola so the beach was our second home and I’m sure she had us in the water at a few months of age. I love a pool but to have a pool – let me say it again – in your room sounded like the absolute ultimate in luxury.

The closest I have ever come to actually having a pool in my room was at a resort in Mexico where I had my own private plunge pool on the patio but this was so much better. Because (clears throat delicately and in a very lady-like manner) in this pool, clothing would be optional.

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