Sybaris - A Great Place to Getaway

A recent survey response from our guest (Mrs. Sotos)…

“We just checked out of the Paradise Pool Suite and can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful getaway. With the current craziness going on, this secluded getaway is just what me and my husband needed. We shut off our phones and never turned on the tv. It gave us a chance to relax and focus on what is really important…each other! We hope to be back soon!”

A Note From Rande Repke, Sybaris CEO….

The States of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana have allowed hotels to remain open. For over 40 years Sybaris has served as a haven for couples to escape the stress of everyday life, relax and rejuvenate. We’ve received many inquiries from concerned guests that we are closed or unable to accommodate their upcoming reservations. We want to reach out and assure you that we are here providing the secluded retreat that couples so desperately need right now.

Your safety and satisfaction have always been our utmost concern. Our facilities are and have always been properly sanitized and safe for the public to use.  We have always gone above and beyond to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected with a medical-grade disinfectant that kills coronavirus. Every room is inspected for housekeeping cleanliness.  Our décor is intentionally minimal, no throw pillows or fabrics that cannot be wiped down or disinfected after every stay.  Every piece of linen is washed in 160-degree water with bleach and placed in your room fresh after every stay. We do not reuse or repurpose linen in your room. The linen and toiletries are transported to your room individually in waterproof bags instead of open maid carts.

Every pool is cleaned and inspected to ensure proper disinfection and alkalinity.  The pool rails and pool deck furniture are disinfected as well as the tiles around the inside of the pool. (Per the CDC, Covid-19 cannot be transmitted through swimming pools or hot tubs.)

In response to the pandemic, we’re constantly educating and updating our team. We’re attentive and cautious of team members exhibiting cold/flu-like symptoms and are asking them to self-quarantine at home so long as they are symptomatic. We have had no reports of any exposure to COVID-19 within our team or our club members and hope our current efforts will keep it this way.

We've revised our cancellation policy to encourage guests with any health concerns or cold and flu symptoms to cancel without fees or penalties. We’ve added additional disinfection protocols in addition to our currently rigorous routine. We're making sure every doorknob, door handle, pillow, and mattress are disinfected after every stay, every time.  We are taking additional precautions to reduce any unnecessary risk by using individually wrapped plastic cups in the suites whenever possible. We are not offering chocolate-covered strawberries temporarily as well. Viruses and colds can be contracted from hard surfaces but that’s more the exception than the rule. Contact with others such as standing in lines, being part of a crowd, in the path of someone sneezing or coughing, etc. is typically how viruses are contracted. A Sybaris getaway is the antithesis to all the ways that viruses and colds are spread. The fundamental concept of our business is seclusion. We have always promoted minimal contact with other guests and staff members.

Simply by design Sybaris resorts are a safer getaway than other hotels.  Sybaris locations do not have hallways, elevators, gyms, common areas or restaurants.  There are no children in the pools.  The rooms are occupied by two adults. Our properties are small, the largest location has 38 units.  This gives us the unique opportunity to take the time and extra effort to make sure everything is perfect for our guests. Your safety and comfort have always been our main concern.

With that being said, if you still have serious concerns about your health and safety, we encourage you to make the decision that you feel is best for you as a couple. We will be happy to work with you to cancel or reschedule your getaway if that's what you wish to do. We want your Sybaris experience to be a worry-free, relaxing and fun escape from the rest of the world.


Please continue to check our website for additional updates.




"It was so relaxing and awesome love it A+++++++"

-the Woosleys

"We love Sybaris! It's so great to get away from the world for a night. The suite is always clean and the chocolate covered strawberries are to die for!"

-Mr. Polomski

"Our stay was amazing!! I walked into the room and on the bed there were rose petals spelled out saying "will you marry me"... best night of my life!! I will never forget that night!! Thanks for making it beautiful."

-Ms. Sellers

"Great Experience. We were going to Champagne Lodge in the past for our getaways. But once we found Sybaris and had a wonderful experience, it is now our go to spot."

-Mr. Rodriguez

"My wife and I had an amazing time. It's definitely the perfect place for a quick getaway and well needed recharge."

-Mr. Fadeyeva

"I loved my stay. My husband surprised me with this little getaway and it was exactly what we needed. We've never felt so comfortable and relaxed in a long, long time and Sybaris did the perfect job of making that happen."

-Mrs. Alkalidy

"My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how nice the suite was. I was worried that it wasn't going to live up to 'the hype' but it definitely did! We will be returning, no doubt about that!"

-Mrs. Morris

"My wife and I were extremely impressed with the quality and the cleanliness of the suite. All of the features of the room made for an exciting, relaxing evening that was much needed."

-Mr. Illes

"OMG!!! Beyond fantastic!!!"

-Ms. Holland

"This was the perfect place to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary. Next time I will have to book two nights instead of one. My husband and I didn't want to leave. We will definitely be back."

-Mrs. Leasure

"Sybaris is the perfect place to spend one-on-one time with your spouse. It provides an intimate, uninterrupted venue to getaway from the hustle and bustle and simply enjoy one another."

-Mr. & Mrs. Holmes

"The time we spent together at the Sybaris was priceless. Definitely worth every penny. With all of the luxurious amenities at our disposal we felt like a King and Queen for a night."

-Mr. & Mrs. Maney

"We gave a Sybaris Gift Certificate to a friend for his 30th birthday. It was the hit of the party. And after their getaway they called us to rave about how much they enjoyed the gift."

-Mr. & Mrs. Leon

"Our suite was impeccable. The cleanliness is like no other. Better than any 5-star Resort."

-Mr. & Mrs. Brooks

"Whenever we have a chance to getaway, Sybaris is the only choice for us. You can tell they go to great lengths to provide the ultimate romantic atmosphere. No other hotel offers your very own private swimming pool in your suite."

-Mr. & Mrs. Kimmel