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Whenever we have a chance to getaway, Sybaris is the only choice for us. You can tell they go to great lengths to provide the ultimate romantic atmosphere. No other hotel offers your very own private swimming pool in your suite.

Mr. & Mrs. Kimmel

Our suite was impeccable. The cleanliness is like no other. Better than any 5-star Resort.

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks

We gave a Sybaris Gift Certificate to a friend for his 30th birthday. It was the hit of the party. And after their getaway they called us to rave about how much they enjoyed the gift.

Mr. & Mrs. Leon

The time we spent together at the Sybaris was priceless. Definitely worth every penny. With all of the luxurious amenities at our disposal we felt like a King and Queen for a night.

Mr. & Mrs. Maney

Sybaris is the perfect place to spend one-on-one time with your spouse. It provides an intimate, uninterrupted venue to getaway from the hustle and bustle and simply enjoy one another.

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes

Recent feedback from the Comment Cards turned in by our Guests:

“The room was beautiful. I reserved the room for my husband's birthday and the additional items I had added the room (rose petals and a bottle of champagne) were equally fantastic! It gave the room the right ambiance!!” Mrs. Ramsey

“This was my first experience at the Sybaris! We truly enjoyed our stay. The couples message was phenomenal.” Mrs. Kates

“What a wonderful getaway! The attention to detail in the room was exceptional and the staff professional and friendly. We can't wait to visit again!” Mrs. Berenz

“My wife and I had a wonderful time enjoying the pool, hot tub and steam room. We found it relaxing and peaceful. Like a tropical vacation right here in Wisconsin. Although, we only stayed one night the memory will last forever!” Mr. Stewart

“We spent the afternoon at Sybaris to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with each other. We had a wonderful time and hope to be able to visit again soon.” Mrs. Martin

“I loved every moment I was in my suite!! I did not want to leave!” Mrs. Jackson

“This experience has really been a great one. It has opened many doors and avenues for my relationship. Not knowing what really to expect we walked into something wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better stay anyplace else. We'll be back to visit. You can count on that!!!!! Thank You!!!!” Mrs. Maxwell

“My husband and I went for his birthday. He did this was by far his best birthday Ever! Everything in the room was impeccable. By far the most romantic getaway we have experienced.” Mrs. Palmer

“We enjoyed ourselves. My wife wasn't ready to leave. Definitely a 3 day stay next time!” Mr. Robinson

“Extremely clean and enjoyable. Will recommend to others!  Was the most relaxing getaway I have ever had and my partner loved it!!” Ms. Story

“This has been our second stay at the Sybaris. I really can't describe the feeling you get when you stay here!!! It is so relaxing, peaceful and romantic. My husband and I describe Sybaris as a place where when you shut the door the outside world no longer exists. We love this place and will be back...5 stars!!!” Mrs. Gransee

“Sybaris is very clean and there are no words to express how amazing it is. The customer service is fantastic.” Mrs. Harms

“Best experience of our lives!!” Mrs. Hmad

“When my husband and I stepped in to the suite we just stood in aww . This was our first time visiting Sybaris and seeing the room in person was magical. It can't be captured in picture or video and I loved the touch of Romantic music playing as we saw the beauty of everything. It was very clean, and overall an unforgettable, magical experience. We had a great time. Good job to the people running this place.” Mrs. Wineinger

“Stupendous, for starters. This unassuming place from the outside is beyond explanation from within. The entire experience truly redefined our relationship. My only regret was only reserving an afternoon getaway. We will return, oh yeah!” Mr. Jennings

“I had an unbelievable stay with my wife! Our room was way beyond what we expected, and our expectations we high. We will definitely be back!” Mr. Gallaher

“Every time I stay at the Sybaris, it is a remarkable experience. I don't have any complaints, in fact I never do because everything is perfect. The Sybaris meets my expectations each and every time. A million thanks to their wonderful staff for everything that they do and for making me feel welcome every time I stay there. Keep up the good work. All of you are doing remarkably!” Mrs. Lopez

“My wife and I have been here twice now and we love it!! It is well worth the money. When we are there we escape reality and pretend we are on our own private beach.” Mr. Rhoades

“Words can’t explain how pleased I was with my stay. We will be back soon!” Mr. Johnson

“My husband and myself are starting to make our getaway to Sybaris a tradition for our anniversaries. We just love it. It's a way for us to get away from everyone and everything. We have no worries and just have so much fun!!” Mrs. Soriano

“It was the best weekend I've had in a long time and will definitely be returning. Thank you for making my stay so enjoyable!” Mrs. Antonini

“Very romantic and she said YES to spending the rest of her life with me!!!” Mr. Bates

“We have stayed many, many times! The entire experience has continually been a dream! It's always a special event that brings us and we always leave with a new attitude! We just love you guys!!!!” Mr. Carver

“Great getaway for an afternoon but wish I could've done a couple nights. The stay was outstanding.” Mr. Vallejo

“This was for my 50th birthday. My husband and I had the best time. The stay was a great bonding time for us.” Mrs. Kerns

“My spouse and I had one of the most relaxing and romantic getaways we have ever had! Sybaris was very clean! I would definitely recommend friends to stay there! We will go back!” Mrs. White

“This was our second trip to the Sybaris, and we were excited to be able to do an overnight this time.  I find that the getaway is specifically tailored to married couples possibly with children.  When we closed the door and entered the Paradise, we were ensconced in our own, private, little piece of the universe!  There were no distractions, no phones, no outside world to distract us from just being with each other 100%.  The immaculately spotless room was the absolute cleanest hotel room I've ever been in, and I have traveled extensively.  The attention to the little details, the champagne glasses, cork screw, robes, extra toiletries, complementary coffee, ice, etc. were appreciated and thoughtful.  I think I understand why Sybaris calls it a getaway, because you really do getaway.  Thank you for a second wonderful experience!” Mrs. Borne

“Such an amazing space for me to reconnect with my husband who has been working 16 hour shifts for the last 2 weeks straight!” Mrs. Mundorf

“It was a great experience. My wife and I felt totally relaxed after our weekend getaway.” Mr. Prescott

“Our stay was everything we hoped it would be!” Mrs. Leonard

“I had the best experience, and I would like to thank the staff for making my stay fabulous.” Mr. Almatranky

“It was breath taking...absolutely loved it.” Mr. Brown

“We truly enjoyed our stay! The comfort, peace and tranquility was just awesome. I can certainly say that we can't wait to return.” Mrs. Gomez

“We have stayed at Sybaris several times.  It is by far our favorite place for a very special romantic getaway.” Mrs. Garrett

“It was definitely the ultimate in a private getaway for two.  Having our own pool in our own room was a wonderful experience.  No one else to worry about, very quiet.  The staff was easy to reach by phone and willing to answer any questions or requests instantly.” Mrs. Mcdonald

“It was the perfect getaway on a cold and snowy weekend!  I loved the fact that there were no windows in the unit. Once you shut your door, you can turn the outside world off for a few relaxing hours!” Mr. Pluntz

“An unforgettable experience for both of us and surprisingly affordable! So worth every penny and then some. We will definitely be returning regularly!” Mr. Vogel

“Everything was perfect. It was a birthday surprise for my girlfriend and the excitement on her face was priceless. I'm glad I was able to stumble upon the Sybaris, now she can't stop talking about it. I think every couple should experience the Sybaris at least once. You won't regret it.” Mr. Thrower

“The room was well worth every dime spent. I can't wait until we visit the Sybaris again. Awesome getaway!” Mrs. Harris

“Very clean and comfortable. The Sybaris had every detail taken care of!  Fantastic!” Mrs. Petree

“Brings the spark back in your relationship!” Mr. Ellis

“My romantic getaway was more than I expected. Plan on doing this at least once a year!!!” Ms. Peay

“Truly loved our experience. was exactly what the wife and I needed! Thanks!” Mr. Miller

“For my first time going to this establishment, I must say, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience!” Mr. hill

“It was my fiancé and my first visit to Sybaris. The stay, staff, suite and all was undescribeable I will be back and tell the world about my Awesome getaway!’ Ms. Wright

“I created a wonderful memory at this place!!! I plan on returning in the near future.” Ms. Johnson

“Our first time to visit. The pool suite was unreal. Like being in another world. The staff was fabulous. We are definitely coming back!” Mr. Murray

“It was absolutely amazing. The gentleman who checked us in and out was incredibly nice and really got our stay started off to a great start. We cannot wait to come back!” Mrs. Borchardt

“Took my girl here as a Valentine's Day surprise and she loved it! We are going back 3 weeks later!” Mr. Gwizdala

“Actually I had reservation for my boyfriend and I, but he broke up with me the day before so I spent my afternoon stay by myself. It was the greatest afternoon I've had in a long time. I felt regenerated and glad he is gone.
A girl can have fun by herself!” Ms. Fierro

“We love to come every Year for our Anniversary…just to get away from everything. We enjoy it very much.” Mrs. Sutton

“I would definitely recommend this place to other couples! My wife and I had a blast just simply getting away from the hustle and bustle of the normal routine if life. We were able to truly spend time with one another without distractions. Thank you Sybaris for an excellent stay!” Mr. Peterkin

“First time we've been there and it won’t be our last. All we kept saying is that we need to go there more often. So relaxing and peaceful. Staff was wonderful. Definitely an amazing experience. Can’t wait to go back!” Mrs. Maldonado

“I completely fell in love with my room, and I plan on returning a couple more times this year.” Ms. Raines

“My Fiance and I love this place. Have been there 4 times in the last 2 years. worth every penny.” Mr. Bevins

“Everything was absolutely perfect. The gentleman who checked me in was so friendly and my boyfriend and I had a such a romantic time. Thank you!” Ms. Mcdonald

“It was such an amazing experience. I mean how many times can to say you have had your own pool in your room!!” Mrs. Stafford

“Everything was absolutely wonderful as always. Thank you for helping people get away, relax, unwind and reconnect with one another. We can't wait to book our next getaway!” Ms. Almond

“I enjoyed every minute of my experience and we will stay again.” Ms. Mathis

“We booked the paradise suite for our anniversary, and it was better than I could have imagined. A night away just the two of us was great, and Sybaris made it all the better. It was tough to leave!  We're already saving our money for next year's anniversary!” Mrs. Sinotte

“We really enjoyed ourselves, we were celebrating our 42nd Anniversary. We will be back. A must getaway for all occasions.” Mr. Boykins

“Definitely a fun, unique experience! PERFECT way to get away from the winter YUCKS for a day!” Ms. Gardiner

“The suite was amazing!! It came with a DVD player (which we weren't sure you had) and the room was super clean and comfortable. The pool and hot tub were amazing as well. Definitely coming back!” Mr. Felts

“I have stayed at all sorts of knockoff places like this including the Poconos and they are very outdated, no upgrades to play modern music and no speakers throughout the room. You guys have figured it all out and this is the best place in the world to be. When you never turn the TV on and can't tell if it's night time or day time, trust me you have had the time of your life!!!” Mr. Shaw

“We were blown away by how much fun this was!! We can't wait to come back and stay longer the next time. You guys really know how to make people comfortable and set the mood :) Awesome place!!!” Mrs. Brown

“This experience was like no other experience I have ever had. I will definitely share the perks with others and recommend Sybaris. Thank you!” Mrs. Brown-Hinton

“We had a wonderful time. It put the spark back into our relationship. If we could afford to visit Sybaris every weekend, we would. We will definitely return to this location as soon as possible. Thanks for everything!” Mrs. Strong

“We had an amazing time and will definitely be back! The chalet suite was more than we expected! I would love to return for each year anniversary!” Mrs. Allegretti

“I really had a nice, relaxing, and FUN time! Very well needed getaway! The no windows make you feel like your escaping the world outside!” Mrs. Shakelford-Smith

“Sybaris rekindled our love! We have been married for 8yrs and I honestly felt that love and passion we had when we first met. Every couple should experience this get away! We will be back.” Mrs. Mullins

“This was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I told everyone I know about it and plan on going again. Every aspect from check in to check out was perfect! The room was far beyond my expectations And way above standard. My husband and I were very pleased with the entire Sybaris experience!!” Mrs. Wallace

“Due to the snowstorm that was going to be worst by our check in time they allowed us to check in a few hours early for no charge. We had the most amazing perfect time ever! Still can't stop talking about it. One of the best memories with my loved one! Wish We could have stayed longer. Can't wait to come back!” Ms. Larkin

“Amazing experience at Sybaris!  Very friendly staff and the room looked as though we were the first to ever stay in it.” Mr. Bluhm

“We had the best time ever!! So fun surprising my husband with this trip. So sexy and romantic. What an awesome way to reconnect with your spouse. We will definitely be back again and again!!” Mrs. Blackstock

“I had the time of my life. My wife and I will be returning multiple times. Staff was amazing made me feel welcome and helped in so many ways.” Mr. Rowell

“It was my first time and it was the most refreshing, relaxing experience ever. It was like I was in my own fairy tale.” Ms Webber

“My husband and I will now be one of your best customers. We were extremely impressed with the Paradise Suite and look forward to having many fun filled days and nights at the Sybaris.” Mrs. Reder

“It was such a great getaway from home. The mood is something that cannot be recreated in our own bedroom. It was romance the second we walked in. The staff was also wonderful.” Ms. Del La Mora

“I love this place. I wish I could live in it. Always wonderful memories.” Ms. Hurtado

“We travel often. By far the best place we have stayed. We are definitely coming back.” Mr. Pionke

“Our stay at Sybaris was amazing!!! We stayed 2 nights and had a wonderful time. The rooms were spotless and beautifully decorated. Everything was so romantic! We recommend getting some of the "extras" available. It really set the mood to walk in and see a dozen roses displayed in a beautiful vase and chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of sparkling cider with glasses host topped it off perfectly! It was like having a mini second honeymoon!! Just wonderful! Thank-you so much for our "dream come true" weekend!” Ms. Berger

“A true escape from reality. Thank you All for making this possible.” Mr. Wary

“My wife asked me as we were leaving, "How are you going to top this?" Mr. Bryant

“We had booked a three day getaway to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and couldn't have made a better choice. The accommodations and the service were excellent. We cannot wait to be able to stay with you again. Your location is perfectly located for us -  close enough for a quick trip yet far enough to be away from the daily hustle and bustle.” Mr. Gottschalk

“Had a great experience, definitely a one of a kind romantic getaway. I would definitely recommend it for a special event like an Anniversary, Valentine's day, Birthday, Honeymoon or just for a Romantic Getaway.” Ms. Pumarejo

“We always love our stay. We stay every year as a Christmas gift to each other. Amazing place.” Ms. Ardnt

“This we my husband and I 19th wedding anniversary and out of all these years this was our first honeymoon, and it was well worth the wait. We really enjoyed ourselves and WE WILL BE BACK SOON!!!!. Thank you all for making this an awesome experience for the both of us.” Mrs. Miller

“This was a little surprise getaway for my husband for our anniversary. I was a little concerned he wouldn't like it, but as soon as we stepped foot into our suite those concerns vanished. My husband actually suggested we make this an annual trip! Thank you for making our anniversary so special!” Mrs. Dornheggen

"Sybaris was beyond our wildest dreams. It certainly exceeded our expectations. I no longer feel the pressure of affording a cruise or Caribbean Getaway. I can come right here and escape to paradise with my husband. We will be back!"

"We travel every year to the Chicago Auto Show and one of the highlights is a night at Sybaris. It's the only place to have our own private swimming pool."

“We stayed at Sybaris on our honeymoon, and have been back every year for our anniversary.”

“The best anniversary we ever had (and we have been married 30 years).”

”We visit the Classic Whirlpool Suite in Downers Grove frequently because the Love Hammock is an awesome feature.”

“We have been to Champagne Lodge and Essence Suites, and they don’t come close to offering what you have!” We will be back next year.”

“The best romantic getaway in the Chicagoland area!”

“We couldn’t afford an out-of-state honeymoon. Sybaris was a great alternative!”

“Fun. Exotic. Romantic. Luxurious. Thank you so much Sybaris!”

“My wife surprised me with a Sybaris Getaway for my 40th birthday. It was the BEST birthday present ever!”

“Sybaris a like a spa getaway for couples.”

“Sybaris brought out the romantic side in my husband which I haven’t seen in a long time.”

“Who knew a place like this existed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

“Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!”

“I can’t believe that we had our very own private swimming pool in our suite.”

“The next time we are in the Indianapolis area, you can expect to see us again.”

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